Non-Surgical Periodontal Treatment

 A comprehensive non-surgical approach to treating gum disease examines the internal as well as the external factors of gum disease.

This approach utilizes:

    Phase contrast microscope: to diagnose the type of bacteria that are causing the disease

    Blood testing, hair analysis, Cortisol and DHEA testing: to determine biochemical and/or nutrition imbalances

    Full series digital x-rays

    Comprehensive periodontal exam

Dr. Zunka is one of the top speakers in the U.S. on Non-Surgical Treatment of Gum Disease. He has 30 years of experience using a comprehensive approach that uses a phase contrast microscope to diagnose the kind of bacteria that causes the problem using blood test, hair analysis, cortisol and DHEA testing to determine any biochemical and/or nutrition imbalances. It’s a comprehensive approach that examines and treats the internal as well as the external factors behind gum disease. Oral habits like smoking, teeth clenching and grinding, stress and medications.