Thank you for the good dental care.

The work done here is very thorough. The staff is friendly.  It is always a good experience. ~ Jennifer   ~


Thanks for the special care !

Dr. Zunka is special, not just for his jokes, but for his commitment to his patients and the community.  You feel part of the family - NOT just a set of teeth ! ~ S. Fisher ~


We are treated like family...at a dental appointment !

Dr Zunka genuinely cares about his patients.  He has the best staff.  Everyone is friendly.  They are great with my kids too! ~ K. Rankin ~


Two Thumbs Up !

Not your typical Dentist office. Zero stress level. ~ Andrew B. ~


Caring Hands !

Dr. Zunka has great hands and manner along with extreme professionalism in how each aspect of treatment is handled.  Vivian is a brilliant helper and so is Mitch. ~ Samantha S. ~


Always an enjoyable experience!

I drive a long distance to Dr.Zunka's office and for good reason.  The people are terrific and the service is fantastic!  I look forward to my dental visits! ~ Kathleen W. ~


Best Ever !!

I've been to a lot of dentist offices before. Everyone is friendly & compassionate.  The office is beautiful AND relaxing !! ! Amazing.  A different level of knowledge and care than anywhere else. ~Ilene J. ~


Great Care and a Future Plan !

Polly has done an excellent job on deep cleaning to restore my gum health.  I feel so much better for it !  Dr. Zunka gave an excellent tooth to tooth diagnosis, set up a plan and was super attentive every time he was needed! ~ Brenda E. ~


Excellent Dentist !

Dr. Zunka and his staff provide excellent care in a very calm atmosphere.  I had a procedure done which could have involved swelling and pain and I experienced neither one due to Dr. Zunka's expert care. ~ Margo G. ~


Great Experience !

This a 5 star office in every way: staff, office, technology & first rate dentist ! ~ Wanda ~


Dr. Zunka is wonderful, the best and kindest dentist you will ever find.

When I was a child I feared going to the dentist because it always hurt.  Now I enjoy going to Dr. Zunka because it never hurts ! ~ R.E. ~


Completely happy with my experience.

Everything was explained clearly to me and the staff were calming and efficient. I was taken into my appointment in a timely manner, and was not kept waiting. ~ Grace D. ~


Dr. Zunka's Team is Always on Top !

Dr. Zunka and Team have been my dentist for over 35 years ! I LOVE going to the dentist...wish I could every month ! ~ Colin ~


Always a pleasant visit !

I have been going to Dr. Zunka since I was a small child, and now my child also sees him!  You could not ask for a better staff and Doctor ! I love Dr. Zunka's Office! ~Amber B ~


Love going to THIS Dentist !

So professional, with holistic treatments and natural materials that are non-toxic, and it feels like a family visit as well.  So rare in our world today.  Thank you for a lovely dental experience that goes beyond our expectations ! ~GG. ~


Thorough Care With A Smile !

Polly is a superb dental hygienist who takes her time with you, explains exactly what is going on, and makes excellent recommendations.  Dr. Zunka is just the best in every way ! Together they have taken my mouth from an unhappy, painful mess to a cheerful pain free working unit of my body. Dr. Zunka restored a number of my teeth in a most highly satisfactory way. ~ Marianne H. ~


Great Dentist !

Dr. Zunka and his staff provide excellent dental care.  They really try to make the experience as pleasant as possible.  I highly recommend Dr. Zunka to my friends ! ~ Mary G ~


Kindest Dentist I've Ever Met !

I had an extraction and a spacer inserted. ~ Kimberly K. ~


Great Dental Experience !

Polly takes great care cleaning my teeth - she is very skillful and professional.  Thanks to her I seldom need any other work done! I am fortunate to have such a great dental office in my community. ~Aggie S. ~


Always a pleasure to go to THIS dentist!

I love the natural solutions and the positive attitudes they have...plus the are really excellent at their profession...all of them !! ~ Geo D. ~


 Best Dentist Ever !!

Very Excellent dentist and office staff. All exceptionally skilled in every way ~ John S.


Excellent Visit!  Many THANKS! ~ Clifford P. ~


Another Excellent Experience !

Dr. Zunka and his staff always provide excellent service. ~ Marysue C. ~


A good experience!

Makes going to the dentist a pleasure. ~ Dorothy C. ~


For a happy pain-free mouth...See Zunka & Team!!

Before I came to this office I had pretty significant dental pain, and aging fillings.  Now I have a mouth full of beautiful porcelain, and no mercury.  And I have no more pain.  The dental hygienist is a great teacher, and fun to boot.  I can highly recommend these folks. ~ Marianne H. ~


Dr. Zunka, Sandy & Mitch, THANK YOU so...much for making me feel more relaxed despite the fact I was feeling so poorly this past Tue.  Your patience, compassion & kindness was truly appreciated and I will never forget that you all seem truly holistic in your souls.  Whether you have heard it before, you all are amazing.  I never thought I'd ever think or say that I may have overcome my trepidation toward dental visits and look forward to my next visit.  What did you guys do to me? HaHa Seriously, your understanding and gentleness is much appreciated and will certainly calm my nerves with upcoming appointments.  Hopefully, I will not feel as ill during my much needed detox  God love you guys and see you June 10th. ~ Hugs, Linda C ~


Still Smiling !!

 Dr. Zunka and his staff are the most caring, compassionate and professional group of people that I have ever met.  Vivian is a warm, lovely member of Dr. Zunka's staff who worked very hard to make me comfortable the entire visit.  Along with the wonderful dental work, I got a hug from both at the end of my visit.  Many Thanks !!  ~Wendy D. ~


So Glad I Found Dr. Zunka !

All around a good experience. So glad to find a dentist who treats patients using a gentler homeopathic approach and who is holistic in his view of the patient's health.  The dental hygienists are gentle and also have a great "chairside" manner. ~ Jennifer B. ~


Dr.Zunka is the BEST !!!!  Polly is the BEST!!!!  I rate you EXCELLENT - I am very happy with my Dentist. Thanks a bunch for my smile. ~ Ellen F. ~


Fantastic Dentist, Excellent Staff !!

I left the dental office mercury-free and with my teeth in better condition than they've been for more than twenty years.  In addition to what I came for, Dr. Zunka fixed a jaw problem in twenty minutes that I didn't believe was fixable at all, and without orthodontics!  A highly educated staff, cutting edge tools, and everyone very kind; Dr. Zunka and his team make up the best dental office ever.  Rock stars of Dentistry, Everyone of you guys. Thanks ! ~ Grace L ~


Happy with Dr. Zunka and Polly.  Polly is great, I do enjoy seeing her and appreciate her expertise. ~ Jacqueline Y ~


Great Staff !!

Professional and Caring ~ Lyn B. ~


I am such a terrified dental patient but did well in Dr. Zunka's office.  Dr. Zunka and Polly were so thorough.  I'm a horrid dental patient and put exams off for years because of it, but they put me at ease nevertheless.  I've never had a dental office perform that kind of complete exam and explain some of these things to me about oral hygiene.  I learned a lot and will be healthier for it.  Best of all, I won't be scared to go again. ~ Marianne M. ~


This group keeps me healthy and my teeth in great shape.  I am well taken care of  every time I have an appointment ~ Melanie H. ~


With Gratitude...I am truly appreciative of Dr. Zunka's expertise.  Also, I commend the friendly and competent staff.  ~ Genevieve O.


I finally found an honest and amazing dentist !!

Since my first visit I could tell that Dr. Zunka and his staff really care for the patients. After my first visit I was relaxed and feeling peaceful about finding a great dental clinic.  I am looking forward to keeping Dr. Zunka as my dentist. ~ Isabel C. ~


Love My Dental Hygienist and travel a long way to see her.  Thank You Polly ! ~ Debbie W. ~


Happy Mouth Experience ! 

I have just had all of the old fillings in my teeth removed, and each of those teeth was restored using porcelain (instead of mercury).  My smile is now ivory instead of silver, and mouth, teeth, gums, and jaw all feel much better.  Thanks Dr. Zunka and Team ! ~ M. H. ~


I so appreciate my Dentist ! Thanks so much ! ~ Annette S. ~


Love my dental hygienist !  I Love Polly ! ~ Barbara A. ~


Dr. Zunka and his Team are a wonderful group. 

I had to reschedule an appointment the last minute due to an unforeseen conflict.  The receptionist couldn't have been nicer in accommodating my request. ~ Annette K. ~


Kim did a great job cleaning my teeth. Craig Zunka is the best dentist in the business! ~ Elaine R. ~


Polly, who did my cleaning and x-rays and Sandy, who did my scheduling, could not have been more professional and friendly ! ~ Richard  ~


They are always very courteous and helpful when I am there.  Great office staff and technicians. ~ EJ Fleming ~


From the moment you walk into this office, you feel embraced and appreciated. 

I chose Dr. Zunka because he also practices holistic dentistry, caring for you mind, body and spirit.  He has devoted colleagues, and I feel like part of their happy family when I am there. Plus, they are excellent at their skills.  Dr. Zunka is a masterful artist to boot!  Front Royal is lucky to have them!  ~ Anonymous. ~


I am go glad I found this dental office.

Nothing but a great experience, and they got me right on track to better oral health. ~ Barbara B.~


As a just turned 60 year old with typical dental issues for my age, I am extremely pleased with the care I am receiving with this team.  They have identified issues glossed over by my previous dentists, and are helping me to achieve real dental health.  I know that this will increase my vitality overall. ~ Anonymous. ~


The staff is always up on the latest technologies and sensitive to those of us who prefer a more holistic approach to healthcare. ~Jan L. ~


I can't thank Dr. Zunka and his amazing team enough for all their wonderful treatment and support during my last few visits.  I am not a fan of the dentist but Dr. Zunka an his staff are so friendly and welcoming that I didn't really feel like I was at the dentist.  I am always greeted with a friendly hello, the assistants always take such good care of me and Dr. Zunka is just a wealth of knowledge and expertise.  All the way down to the call I always receive to check on me afterwards.  I can't thank you enough  for helping me get my mouth back in shape and helping me through each visit! Thank you! Thank you! THANK YOU!  ~Anonymous ~


I've been a patient for about 32 years.  I credit Dr. Zunka and staff for helping me to keep my teeth !  ~Anonymous ~


Vivian always takes me back as soon as I arrive.  I have waited a little for Dr. Zunka a couple of times but I understand he is very busy and that is o.k.  Vivian is super sweet !!!  Dr. Zunka and Vivian both really listen to me and explain the treatment.  "I am ready for the healing to begin." ~ Naomi Eaton ~


Dr. Zunka and Staff are great! 

At this office I am always treated with respect.  Dr. Zunka and staff are concerned about my health and really make me comfortable while there.  I highly recommend them !  ~ Joyce A. ~


Dr. Zunka is the best dentist I have ever found. 

I first started seeing Dr. Zunka in May of 2012.  As a person with advanced periodontal disease Dr. Zunka and Polly, his excellent dental hygienist, have helped me in more ways than I can say.  I have been able to save my last two lower molars that dentists in three states have wanted to pull over the last ten years.  I also have not had an infection in the two and a half years in their care.

Their periodontal program implemented by Polly has an excellent self help system the has helped me greatly.  I also reduced my pockets by 1-2 mm.

The office is warm and friendly, like your home away from home.  All the wonderful staff are accommodating and extremely professional.  They go out of their way to be helpful with patients and have your highest dental health in mind.    ~ Ellen R. Gibson ~


Incredible customer service!

Every person in the office is committed to making you feel like you have their full attention. 


Our entire family believes Dr. Zunka ( and his "Team") are the BEST! 

And we tell everyone that!  We know he truly cares about us and that any suggestions he makes is for "our" good.  We love the pleasant atmosphere, too, when we come to his office -- the sweet attitudes of all the "girls".  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!


Every member of Dr. Zunka's team is knowledgeable, professional, compassionate, and genuinely warm and friendly. From cheery greetings to offerings of hot tea and coffee, they go out of their way to make you feel welcome and at ease. And the dental care can't be beat either! ~ Anonymous~

My visit went smoothly with Polly doing my cleaning and giving Dr. Zunka the assessment of what to check over. Since I needed a filling, Dr. Zunka offered to take care of it that morning, which I appreciated since I was off work it was much easier to stay than to return. Whenever I need another copy of my bill, LeAnn and Sandy are quick to take care of that! Great job from everyone as well as friendly and caring! Thanks!          ~ Anonymous ~


Your willingness to find the perfect time for an appointment that fits scheduling for both my husband and I, we travel form the other side of the state so consolidating our appointments is important to us. Your teamwork and flexibility (such as taking a late lunch or working later than usual) is really appreciated! Thanks!! We love you guys!  ~RuthE Forrest ~


The cheery disposition of Dr. Zunka and his staff should be commended!!

They truly care about your health, comfort and time management. They are up front about the care of your mouth. Thank you for being you & your Staff!!  ~ Anonymous ~


Everyone in the office is very personable and professional, each staff member exercises thoughtfulness to the care of each patient and a promptness in scheduling for a regular appointment or when an emergency arises. Dr. Zunka is a very knowledgeable and continues to update his knowledge in dentistry and homeopathy. He displays professionalism when diagnosing a patient and his work is excellent. His humor keeps the patient relaxed and comfortable. Dr. Zunka communicates well with his patients; he prides himself with an exceptional dedication to his profession. ~ Sherry ~


Everyone is very knowledgeable and very friendly. From Dr. Zunka to the Assistants and people out front. They make you feel like they care. The knowledge of what treatments are best for you makes you feel confident your getting the best. ~  Anonymous ~


The friendliness of the staff, the natural approach to health, and the very cool space you occupy with windows, feeders and photos of nature. ~ Anonymous ~


Dr. Zunka has a team which combines friendliness with expertise. While I enjoy my visits, i also feel certain that I am getting the best of care from people who passionately want to deliver the best of care. ~ Dick Hoover ~


As always, I'm very grateful for the outstanding level of care and expertise afforded by every member of Dr. Zunka's team. They never fail to deliver quality and professional work in the most compassionate and understanding way possible. And they're just genuinely nice people, too. ~ Linda McCarthy ~


The staff is great, very aware of patient's appointments and when something is running late. they are very professional and always have positive attitudes.  ~ Steve Rosenberger ~


I appreciate that I am given time to ask questions and am given consideration beyond just my dental needs. I feel that I get honest answers. Thank you.~ Monica Morris ~
I like that the wait time is usually very minimal and that all of the staff were friendly and caring. ~ Anonymous ~
I lived in West Virginia and traveled to Front Royal, Virginia for my dental care. Even after moving to Florida I still return to Dr. Zunka and his staff for all my dental health and care. The Staff is extraordinary!!

The staff is so friendly and professional. My experience at your office has been great every time! ~ Anonymous ~
"The friendly, outgoing staff makes everyone feel welcome. In addition, they're always eager to help, whatever the problem or concern. Dr. Z really knows his stuff, offering suggestions and a hug. And the Jeff MacNelly literary masterpieces are great, too." ~ Anonymous ~
Excellent appointment, as usual!! Everybody is so friendly and helpful - it helps to add to the Christmas season! Once again, I really appreciate the natural and holistic approach that Dr. Zunka takes when it comes to health care. It's the best kind of health care out there." ~Anonymous~
This phrase seems to be what is happening at my dentist's office, not only for me but for all those entrusting their "pearly whites" to Dr. Craig Zunka.
He and his staff work as a team, professional and very friendly.

I have always dreaded dental visits because of the fear, pain and sometimes uncaring dental workers. The Zunka Team is anxious to address my concerns and help me overcome them. The comfortable atmosphere is easily relaxing and I know my smile is in the best possible hands. Over the years Dr. Zunka has expanded his knowledge, techniques, and "state of the art" technology. Training seminars on dentistry, homeopathy and health often include the entire team. That is a lot of knowledge!  Today we all need to be pro-active in our health care an to me that means asking a lot of questions. Dr. Zunka and the team welcome the inquires. They include their patients in the fun they have.  All things considered, a lot of top notch dentistry and shared caring makes me one of those happy dental patients too!! ~ Anonymous ~
Dr. Zunka,


Thank you for recommending the anti-thumb sucking kit for Melanie (age 5) and Valerie (age 3). We used one kit for both girls and the first week was rough for all of us. It’s been long enough to safely say it worked. We tried many things, both the kit worked and the girls are proud of themselves.

Thanks again,
John, JoLee, Melanie & Valarie Armentrout