Homeopathic Remedies




  Pain From Trauma

            Perhaps the all around most useful remedy for dentistry is Arnica 12x or 30x.  Arnica should routinely be taken after any dental procedure involving a potential for subsequent pain.     Especially  in this category are tooth extractions, gum surgery, and pain from drilling procedures.  Arnica can also help sore gums or toothache pain before one can see their dentist.




Fear & Nervousness

                For the excessively nervous and fearful patient, Aconite 12x or 30x is recommended before dental procedures.  One dose can be taken the night before the appointment and another one or two doses before coming into the office.



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                If in addition to these symptoms, one experiences shaking and diarrhea, Gelsemium 12x or 30x is indicated, taken the same way as Aconite.





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 Sore Gums, Cuts & Burns

                   Calendula Liquid can be used as a mouthwash but specifically, it can be given to prevent pain and promote healing following deep scaling or other procedures involving the gums.  It is especially useful after crown or capping procedures to help heal the traumatized gum tissue.  Calendula also takes the sting out of herpes or canker sores, and can be used for any oral lesion with excellent results.



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Nerve Pain

                Hypericum 12x or 30x can help relieve the nerve pain from drilling or root canal discomfort, and is also useful in tooth extractions.  It is primarily used for any procedure involving injury to nerves.




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Bone Trauma and Pain

                Ruta Graveolens, or Ruta is used after any trauma to bone like tooth extracting, getting hit in the mouth that loosens teeth and bone fractures.




  Homeopathic remedies can play an important role in dental treatment.  Since they are natural substances and cause no side effects, they can be used with utmost confidence to prevent dental complications and alleviate dental symptoms.

 Homeopathic remedies can be purchased at most health food stores and many drug stores.