Bio-Compatability Testing

In dentistry today there are over 5,000 materials used in the restoration of the teeth and oral cavity.  Over the last 25 years the number of people in the United States with allergies and auto immune disorders has been steadily on the rise.  For some people their auto immune problems have been linked to mercury in dental fillings and nickel and beryllium in metals used for crowns.  The immune compromised and allergy prone person can’t be too careful about what they come in contact with.

We use the Clifford Compatibility test developed in the mid 1980’s to test for sensitivity to dental materials.  The Clifford test is an easy test where by a tube of blood drawn at any medical lab is sent to the testing center in Colorado where the individual is tested for IGE and IGA antibody compatibility to over 5,000 dental materials.  This assures that the dentist is using the most bio compatible materials for that patient.