Dento-Cranial Manipulation

What is Dento-Cranial Manipulation?

The intensive study of cranial manipulation began in 1939 as a result of the studies of William Garner Sutherland, an osteopathic physician. Dr. Sutherland's observations have been borne out by scientific study. Within osteopathic medicine, there exists an understanding that there is a small but important motion between the bones of the skull and their sutures. Dr. Sutherland determined that there is a palpable movement within the body that occurs in conjunction with the motion of the bones of the head. This movement is a part of a rhythmic movement of the fluids of the body that is vitally important in the expression of health, including the maximum function of the body's own healing system.

Trauma to the head or body can alter or hinder the flow of the fluids of the body, often having dramatic and sometimes drastic effects on the person's health and function.

Trauma can also lead to low back problems, headaches, breathing and digestive disorders, joint pains, menstrual disorders and repetitive stress injuries such as tendinitis.

Dr. Zunka has been practicing cranial treatment since 1980. He did his initial training in cranial manipulation at the Osteopath College in Lewisburg, West Virginia. He is Past-Ppresident of the W.G. Sutherland Temporomandibulo-Cranial Dental Group, Inc. that teaches classes in basic and advanced cranial treatment four times a year since 1982.

He has served two different terms on the Board of Directors of the Cranial Academy of the American Academy of Osteopathy. He is also a fellow of the Cranial Academy