Mercury Free Since 1982

In dentistry today, the issue of the health and safety of mercury in mercury silver fillings is one of great debate and controversy.  In April 1982, when Dr. Zunka heard his first scientific presentation on the health hazards, risk and safety of mercury in dental fillings he discontinued the use of mercury (amalgam) fillings in his practice.  The controversy as to their safety and health effects on patients is one thing but the long term exposure to himself and his team is his other concern.

We use the latest technology for the protection of our patients when removing mercury fillings with the use of the IQ Air filter system.  This filter system was specifically designed for the evacuation of mercury vapor.  We also use mercury protective masks for our staff.

When patients have their mercury restoration removed, the nutritional supplementation that is recommended by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology is as follows.

This is the protocol that is used in our office.

Amalgam Removal:


  • Vitamin C 1000 mg – Take one (1) tablet three (3) times per day.
  •  Zinc 30 mg – Take one (1) two (2) times per day.
  •  Selenium 100 MCG – Take one (1) daily.
  •  Magnesium 500 mg – Take one (1) daily.
  •  Glutathione 50 mg – One (1), three (3) times per day on an empty stomach.  CAUTION – Individuals with insulin deficiency should not take glutathione.  Type Liposomal form.  This is the reduced aborbable form.
  •  Methionine 500 mg - One (1), three (3) times per day.
  •  B Complex 50 mg – One (1), two (2) times per day.
  •  Chlorella – Ten capsules (10), two (2) times per day.
  •  ACZ Nano Extra Strength - Six (6) sprays by mouth, two (2) times per day.  One bottle, continue if needed.