Nutritional Support for Healing after Oral Surgery

Surgery, Wound Healing And Trauma

     Tooth extraction, especially extraction of the wisdom teeth (the third molars) can be very traumatic. I have found that if the extraction process is accompanied by a nutritional supplement regime, healing time can be greatly decreased. The following nutritional supplement regime has worked very effectively for me since 1982.

Vitamin C: 1000 mg. three times per day

Vitamin C will reduce primary healing time (primary wound closure) by as much as 50%. For the best results look for Vitamin C with bioflavonoids. (See products: -- click Vitamin C with bioflavonoids) Can be found anywhere vitamins are sold.

Zinc: 30 mg two times a day

     Zinc will shorten secondary healing time (formation of new skin under the scab) by as much as 40%. Can be found anywhere vitamins are sold.

B Complex: 75mg two times per day.

    Vitamin B is a stress vitamin and helps decrease the trauma from the mental and physical part of the injury. Can be found anywhere vitamins are sold.

Proteolytic Enzymes:

     These enzymes are naturally occurring enzymes that the body makes. Biotics Research Corporation puts out a supplement call Intenzyme Forte that is a combination of seven different proteolytic enzymes. The combination of these enzymes makes the products so effective. These are the most amazing trauma reducing supplements I’ve every seen. They work like an anti-inflammatory by metabolizing and carrying lactic acid and free radicals away from the wound. Found in health food stores.

Pancreatin 4X 100 mg

Papain 50 mg

Amylase 10 mg

Lipase 10 mg

Trypsin & Alpha Chymotrypsin 100 mg

Superoxide Dismutase 10 mcg

Catalase 10 mcg

Bromelain 50 mg

Suggested protocol for the study of Proteolytic Enzymes in dental trauma in patients requiring tooth extractions or surgery:

One Day Before Treatment:

Three (3) tablets three (3) times per day on an empty stomach last three (3) at bedtime.

On the Day of Treatment:
Ten (10) tablets on an empty stomach before the appointment. Ten (10) tablets immediately after the extraction. Ten (10) tablets mid-evening or at bedtime.

Day After the Treatment:
Five (5) tablets three (3) times per day on an empty stomach. Last five (5) at bedtime.

2nd Day After the Treatment:
Four (4) tablets three (3) times per day on an empty stomach. Last four (4) tablets at bedtime.

3rd Day After the Treatment:
(Continue only if dental trauma – swelling and/or pain is present) Four (4) tablets three (3) times per day on an empty stomach. Last four (4) tablets at bedtime.

4th Day After the Treatment:
(Continue only if dental trauma is still present) Two (2) tablets three (3) times per day on an empty stomach. Last two (2) tablets at bedtime.

Continue until you have finished the bottle.

A side note story: I first heard about proteolytic enzymes in 1982. An oral surgeon at John Hopkins was doing research on wisdom teeth (third molar) extractions. He found that his patients had 50% to 60% less swelling and 55% needed no pain medication after the procedure if the patient began taking proteolytic enzymes. He also stated that he personally took the enzymes after doing vigorous exercise and he experienced no muscle soreness the following day. After reading this, I decided to experiment with myself.

After the first day of skiing hard on my annual ski trip, I took 6 proteolytic enzymes as soon as I got to my room and then took another 6 before going to bed that night. The next morning, I got out of bed and was not a bit sore. I followed the same regime every day of my ski vacation and had no muscle soreness at all the entire trip. I have found this regime helpful after any heavy physical work such as doing yard work or using the chain saw. The day after muscle soreness simply doesn’t happen anymore. Many of my patients now have similar stories they tell about pain-free hiking trips or more pleasant yard work experiences.


• Can I take too much?

        If you reach your saturation level, you will get diarrhea so cut back on your dosage.

• Will any proteolytic enzyme do?

       I have found that the Biotics Research Intenzyme Forte has the best combination and gets the best results. The key factor in any enzyme formula is it must have an activator enzyme. This is usually Chymotrypsin but some enzyme formulas use serrapeptase.

• Are these enzymes only useful for tooth extractions?

     No, I’ve had my patients take these for any kind of surgery (back, hand reconstruction, hysterectomy and temporomandibular joint surgery) and their doctors always say, “You’re really doing well! I can’t believe how fast you are healing.”

• How do I take them?

1. For surgery, take as the protocol outlines.

2. After hard work or exercise, take four to eight when you finish and another four to eight when you go to bed. Everyone has his or her own therapeutic level so you just experiment to see what yours is. Mine is six to eight and my wife’s is four to five


Bone Healing After Surgery

         Most people think that the mending of a fractured bone is due to calcium level.  The sequence of healing a fracture is before the bone can knit a matrix has to form between the bones then the calcium comes into the healing process.  The basic ingredient of the matrix is silica.  It’s been shown with large doses of silica you can shorten healing time by 30%.

     Silicon has been recognized as essential trace element for connective tissue in bone and cartilage.  Also Silicon may counteract the effects of aluminum, both in osteoporosis and Alzheimer’s disease according to published research.

     An important study conducted at the School of Public Health at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) shows that Silicon-supplemented bones have a 100 percent increase in collagen when compared with low-silicon bones.  The end result is more and faster bone growth in the presence of silicon.

     Professor Louis C. Kervran, member of the New York Academy of Science, in referring to Charnot’s experiments felt that excessively heavy doses of silica, especially the mineral one, can cause decalcification, that that it is not only important to avoid mineral silica but to not overdose on herbal silica.

    The silicon content of Equisetum (horsetail herb) allows for yields up to a maximum of 2 to 2 ½ % of the pure ortho, or correct form of soluble/colloidal chelated Silica plus the associated bioflavonoids is separated from the inorganic Quartz form of Silica and concentrated to give the final highest quality and potency Equisetum/Silica product possible.

Protocol for Bone Fractures

Take 5 Tablets 3 times a day for 24 days – This is 3 bottles of 120 tablets
I haven t seen any one have an allergic reaction to silica but it may cause constipation.  If you do have problems discontinue or go to a smaller dose.

**Again do not confuse mineral silica from quartz with the herbal Equisetum (horse tail form).

***Disclaimer:   This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.  This is not construed as dental/medical advice.